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Thread: custom sort options for take 4?

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    custom sort options for take 4?

    Frodo, do you plan on having any sort of sort options? Like you know how right now we can sort by artist, album, genre. Is there anyway you can allow us to have a 4th user defined option? I'd assume it be pretty easy, just in a drop down menu list all the options, im asumming it sorts accoording to the ID3 tag right?

    cause id really like the option to sort by year. Kinda like how XM has the 50's, 60's, 70's, etc. I want the same thing for my mp3s.

    Would making a donation make this dream of mine a reality?

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    It would be good if we could search by year

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    Would making a donation make this dream of mine a reality?
    You need to ask for something to make a donation???

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