Has anyone had thsi problem after installing a Hauppage TV card. Its not just one card. I did with two separate cards on two different machines, and it did the same thing. One one machine, the volume contol will not work in Frodoplayer, but I can use the remote for Hauppage card. Everything else works, but I can't control the volume from Frodoplayer. It first gave me the error below, but I uninstalled the audio driver and the TV card, and reinstalled, and it worked. Even the volume buttons worked in Frodoplayer. When I installed the Hauppage card right after that, the buttons wouldn't work again but the remote would.

On the other machine, everything was fine with the sound blaster card until I installed another Hauppage card. After that, I had to uninstall everything, sound, video, and then reinstall for everything to work. I left the tv card out. Its driving me crazy. I tried to switch over to the D-Link USB DRU-R100, but I couldn't get that crap to work either even after following the instructions on this forum. Anyone know?