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Thread: resume from hibernate volume.

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    resume from hibernate volume.

    i was wondering if there is any way or any program that will gradually increase the volume when resuming from hibernation..?

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    Try this:
    Download "SetVolume" from Frodo website.
    extract to a folder

    make a batch file as volume.bat
    @Echo off
    setvolume.exe 70
    setvolume.exe -wave 80
    setvolume.exe -cd 50
    setvolume.exe -line 80
    setvolume.exe -mic 30

    Add command line on resume in Frodo
    browse to the batch file
    or made a batch file by batchrun

    it is good for look when resume into Frodoplayer
    in Frodo command line, browse to file folder and input file's extension name by yourself. "volume.brs"

    It works fine on my car.

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