Ok, heres my problem.

I will bootup my pc. Open frodo, go to frodocam and it will default to "Video Tuner" as my video source. So I need to go to video source and select "video composite". Then my camera picture comes in no problem.

But after I close frodocam, and I try to go back into it, all i get is a black screen. The only way to get the image to display again is to restart my computer and when i go into frodocam again, it will default to tuner and i will need the change it to composite. Im not so much concerned of frodo defautling to video tuner as I am that after i close the Camera after the first time, I can not view it again without restarting my computer.

I also noticed that when I try to change the color code, like RGB 24, 32, etc, once i select a new option, my screen goes black. Even if I go back to my previous option that was working fine, the screen will stay black until I restart the computer again.

I am using a little spy camera connected thru a capture card.