i had a sony itoy (eye toy) laying around the pad so i found the drivers for it (a simple google search, i'll post it if you cant find it)
it works perfectly.
i wanted to mount it upside down(from the ceiling) facing inside the cabin from above the backwindow, even though i dont think FP supports recording (hint hint)
i couldnt figure out how to flip the display (via software) so i just opened up the bottom of the eyetoy (two screws nothing hard) and gently pulled the board, cam and LEDs out and turned it upside down (for orientation) and it put it back in and its good to go.
tip: if you plan on doing this, you need a small flat head to push a clip down on the lens focus bezel ( the plastic thing that you turn to focus) from the inside. which clip tab do you push down? if you look closely theres a few tabs and then a bigger one (not sure but maybe two or so bigger tabs) push down on it and pull gently the cam out from inside not hard at all.

i dont have anyidea why i would angle inside the cabin other than cool factor or mayb watch when shes in the front seat =D but maybe turn it around to face outside to see the back bumper... i dont know nor do i have it actually mounted yet so its hard to tell as far as angle and stuff... any ideas im all ears.