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Thread: Frodoplayer Position?

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    Frodoplayer Position?

    I know there is probably a simple way to fix this but i cant figure it out. I tested out frodoplayer on my desktop PC and got to know how to use it and tried out a whole mess of skins. So after I figured which skin i liked i burnt the setup file and the skin on a cd. After loading it onto my carputer, i launched frodo for the first time and the program is fully functional but it is not positioned correctly on my screen
    the whole bottom half of the program is below where my screen can show (under the start menu) and if i try to just click and drag, i see a "0" in the top right corner of frodo. Any advice?
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    you gota search man, this has been answered many times.
    It's also answered in the FAQ, its the last link.

    Screen Size / Placement
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