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Thread: frodo please release the take4

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    I thought there would be more XXXX's than that
    Never let the truth get in the way of a good story

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    Quote Originally Posted by meddler
    I thought there would be more XXXX's than that

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    Quote Originally Posted by 0l33l
    Probably at home or work.

    He is still working on FP. Its not like he just gave up. He's just working on:
    XXXXX, OBDII, XXXXX, FrodoPlayer. A lot of projects in not a lot of time.
    I really want to give him a hand on OBDII

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    maybe take 4 could be a full windows shell replacement.
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    But then we couldn't argue about how to change our bootscreens.
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    I heard 2 guys on the street last nite talking about Frodo... they say v2.0 is gonna be a linux bootable cd version...
    Seemed like they knew alot about monkey's.. but who can you trust anymore!
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    nice dream

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