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Thread: Help with Sychronize

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    Help with Sychronize

    Its still doing it!!! Say Im in my car and I listen to a song. When I go to sychronize my desktop and my car, frodo (karens sychronizer) will transfer that song I just played back into my car again!! It can get very annoying when I play 40 songs and have to sit there thru 40 song transfers that I already have!!

    And i dont know WHY its doing it. I unchecked the box to check the time the file was last modified. Am i the only one having this problem?

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    you have to check the compare date/time flag.. as well as "only copy is source file is newer"

    that way it wont copy over any song you listened to in your car.. unless... you have a newer version of the same song on your home pc
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