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Thread: Displaying video files in Directory1 or 2

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    Displaying video files in Directory1 or 2

    Is there a way to display videos in directory 1 or 2? Cause right now i will click on my videos folder, but no videos will come up. Only audio files are listing.

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    add the video types to the db extensions and rebuild
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    oK, Im confused frodo. MY MP3 directory is C:\mp3 my video is c:\video I added all known extensions .avi , .wmv, etc to both my mp3 and video extensions.

    Just for a test I moved a few videos into my mp3 directory. Rebuilt my database. Now when Im in either directory 1 or 2, Frodo only shows the the videos in my mp3 directory. When I switch over to my videos folder in either dir1 or dir2, it still will not list any videos.

    Is this a feature that just is not in this version?

    Im trying to view the videos in the dir1 or 2 mode rather than the VIDEO mode cause now I have mutliple folders in my video folder I have funny videos, movies, music videos, and snl videos. When my friends are in the car, they wanna watch the music videos and it takes them forever to use the VIDEO mode to find the music videos cause all my 200+ various videos are all listed. Whereas if I could use dir1 or dir2 mode, I can click on the Music Videos folder so that only those files will be listed.

    EDIT: Ok, solved my own problem, lol. Just put the videos folder within the mp3 folder and works great now.

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