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Thread: SOng listing

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    SOng listing

    Hi wonder is it possible to have the songs listed in the directory in an Alphabatical order.
    I have 5000 odd songs in a directory and when i do a SEARCH by TITLE the songs do pop up but are not in ALphabatical order.. They are in some random order.
    Can some one PLS help me out
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    Another good function that i once put into one of my players is an instant string search, as you type it scans through the songs and lists them, so if i type "L" it lists and song with an L in the title, if i type "LE" same again, so i can literally narrow down to a few songs in seconds, i know it doesnt sound like much use when you already have a search function but all my buds who used my player said it was an awesome tool, and its very easy to implement - The UK's best modified car club (With lots of 16/17/18 year olds for scouse to abuse)

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    Uh, elmo, FrodoPlayer already does that.
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    i just tried a search by title and they came in ALPHA order for me. My settings are Artist-Title and I do not have track numbers displayed.

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