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Thread: Making the Menus bigger in Iguidance for FrodoPlayer!!

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    Making the Menus bigger in Iguidance for FrodoPlayer!!

    I dont know about you guys but even with reshacking some of Iguidance and getting some of the fonts bigger, the menus are still VERY small as is the keyboard. It takes me forever to put in an actual destination (and I dont have a keyboard currently so its a mess)

    I was searching and came across this:

    Road Runner sceen for iguidance

    Why wouldn't this be possible within Frodoplayer using a skin? I mean is there anything that can be done to make the menus bigger and the keyboard bigger? This would help me tremendously and I'm sure a ton of others!

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    Just have a little more patience, ol33l is working on the same theory for IG, LOOK HERE

    Follow this THREAD for updates, he posted a lil teaser pic

    Im sure we will all be happy when he is done, alot of us have been wanting something like this for a while!!

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    Sorry bro. I am just an impatient person and this weekend I was going house shopping and typing in new addresses to take me to the destination in IGuidance was kind of frustrating. It did eventually work but having bigger menus would relieve so many issues and prevent me from going out and getting that mini-key keyboard to type in these damn addresses!

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