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Thread: XP Startup Bug??

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    Question XP Startup Bug??

    I am having a small issue with XP (using FrodoPlayer). My system is hooked to a M1-ATX that sends a hibernate signal after 30 seconds when car is turned off.

    The system will hibernate fine out of Frodoplayer. When it restarts, it seems to do a fresh boot of Windows (i.e. I get the welcome screen) and then it goes to the desktop. It should just come out of hibernation and straight back to where I left it - i.e. FrodoPlayer.

    What do you guys think I am doing wrong?
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    the m1 is not sending a hibernation signal, it hits your power button.
    you have to chance it in windows, what to do when power butten is hit.
    it wil shut the pc down is the original setting.
    you have to chance this to hibernation.
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    control panel power setting change button press to hibernate. Also make sure you have the laste firmware for the M1 and the bios power save mode need to be str1 or somthing like that.

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