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Thread: Animated Screens

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    Animated Screens

    My upcoming carputer is a Asus Spresso 2.8G p4. It's a pretty big fly-swatter for just a media center. Navivoice makes good use of some of the available resources, but I still have a lot left.

    Is there any plans for supporting animated skins in the future? Like press the xm button and it expands to take over the screen? Should I just run Seti on it and call it good?


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    Road runner supports flash skins with animation, but from my experience it seemed limited.

    I feel a OpenGl type app would be nice.. then it's all offloaded onto the graphics hardware, much like OS X's desktop is .. you know how game menus are, nice a fluid, no jerky animation, nice alpha blending . I'm no game developer, but in my happy place when I hit "gps" the music stuff slides off and my gps app fades in or slides in or something.. not a "loading..." image and then it pops up.. but I like Cf for what it's worth. Frodo is good too, but I think someone could make a nice frontend people would drool over if it was all pretty but done tasefully.

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