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Thread: possible frodo play ratdvd format?

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    possible frodo play ratdvd format?

    Mr. Frodo

    Can u please make frodo player plays ratdvd compression files? if it is not too much trouble, it will be cool, full dvdr 9 compress to 2 - 3 gigs space, imagine u have a 400 gigs hard drive.....
    check it out from here

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    doesnt this already work in frodoplayer?... I would assume your videos folder would have to point to where your ratDVD files are... and you can play them just like any other video.

    The reason i would think this would work, is because they say that ratDVD files play in windows media player... I would also assume this is only true if ratDVD is actually installed on the pc where you want to play the file from...
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