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Thread: Add to Favorites - Any way via hotkey?

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    Add to Favorites - Any way via hotkey?

    I seen in the FAQ that to add a track to the "favorites" you have to hold down on it for 3-4 seconds.. I was wondering if it's possible to somehow assign that to a hotkey..

    Adding a bunch of songs to my favorites sucks when I have to hold down (w/ my finger) for 3-4 seconds and then confirm afterwords..

    I know the answer is most likely no but I figured I'd ask.
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    yeah I also would like to see this feature too since I really can't hold 3-4 sec with my touchscreen (only work sometimes)

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    A curiosity... is it possible ad track list to favourite only from "Playlist Mode" ? isn't possible from other mode?

    thank you

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