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Thread: Research: What am I doing wrong ?

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    Research: What am I doing wrong ?

    Ok this is part 2 of a 2 part research thingamajig. This is part 2.
    Part 1 is in another thread.
    This is not a place to sneak in requests, or flame, or have big
    dicussions. Please limit your reponses to just the following question.
    This will allow me to get the information I need as efficiently as possible,
    and make sure your voice is heard.

    Part 2:
    The question is, in FrodoPlayer, what am I doing wrong ?
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    not much.. except making us wait to long for take 4..

    but sofar.. the video player does run slow
    and going to video mode can take a little time.. it needs some sorta database also..

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    Well, I think its quite anoying that all media playback is in the same "window". You have to select "media" in the main menu, and then "scoll around" throu the modes to find playback of whatever you wanted. I would like to have separate buttons in the main menu to reach mp3s, music videos, movies and so on...

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    Wrong it too subjective, and will basically turn into people telling you what they would like to see.

    Like for me, what your doing wrong is limiting us to how we can sort the songs. I would like to have sorts be aviable for more fields in the id3 tag field. Artist, Genre, Year.

    Also, I think your doing Video mode wrong. It'd be better for me at least, to have user defined video modes. Like Video 1 can be movies for me, video 2 can be cartoons, video 3 can be funny clips, etc.

    Now, see. I dont think your doing anything wrong persay, but would like to see stuff done better.

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    Infrequent updates, database should be organized by filename as an option, i've had some troubles with the dvd player but that is probably a decoder issue. Thats all.

    Frodo Edit: database order by filename IS an option.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maņana
    Well, I think its quite anoying that all media playback is in the same "window". You have to select "media" in the main menu, and then "scoll around" throu the modes to find playback of whatever you wanted. I would like to have separate buttons in the main menu to reach mp3s, music videos, movies and so on...
    This is already available. Look at the newer version of the Brightlife skin. It has seperate buttons for each thing. This is just a skin issue.
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    - the browse and play windows are one in the same

    - lack of support for non-mp3 tags (ogg works sometimes)

    - Windows Media Player


    - it's rather tough to navigate the browse window to select new music while driving (it's real small) ... having separate browse/play windows would fix that.
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    -sendmessages are a bit limited so programs like navivoice can't interact in full.
    -Some times you just desapear, so no support (we here try to manage answering questions but some times we are like "I guess" or "ask frodo") and guess what no monkey around.
    -The way that ext App are handle.

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    Just some things I think could be improved on this already great player:

    -Fast forward in a song now 'mutes' the sound output until u release the ff button. Having it fast forward while playing would be better. Same goes for rewinding. (Winamp/Road Runner work this way). And since there are separate buttons for FF and Next Song, should FF be used for 'next song' too when clicked? A touchscreen can sometimes detect a 'mouseclick' when u actually want to 'hold' the button. Having FF just do FF and no 'next song' would be more handy.
    -When a song is paused, and you enter standby/hibernate, the player resumes paused. Pressing pause/play again takes u to the beginning of the song, rather then at the point where it was paused before standby. Also 'current playing' media info seems gone sometimes (after exit when playing, after entering standby paused, ...) even when playing resumes correctly. At that point u don't know what you are listening anymore, and your 'playlist' is gone. I'm using Directory2 media mode. It just seems to show the 'root' rather then the specific file that is playing atm.
    -The ever so persistent mouse cursor when resuming from standby/hibernate. I know it's Windows' fault. Maybe u can try hiding the mouse cursor after every mouse move/click inside Frodoplayer, or hide it every second anyway or so?

    I'm a real happy Frodoplayer user since over half a year now, so this could be the ultimate player upgrade for me
    Thanks for your great effort Frodo !

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    This is a great application, so my comments aren't criticisms, only suggestions.

    1. It's too static. The interface ought to allow or use flash type animations. Stuff like CDrSkull shows off. Transitons and changes should be selectable like "fade through black" or "checkerboard", sort of like you can select them in Powerpoint for slide and animation transitions.

    2. OBDII with trip odometer/miles to destination/eta. Log and archive certain engine parameters with history graphs for long term monitoring.

    3. Live vehicle tracking and connectivity with your mobile internet connection. Somebody on the net ought to be able to send you messages in your car and it ought to read them to you. It ought to publish what you are listening, just like your (Frodo's) avatar tells us what you're listening to.

    4. Take advantage of Frodocomm and make bunches of input interfaces - serial port switches, IR inputs, voice (if it makes sense)

    5. Internet aware - it should read you emails or chat messages

    6. Integrated phone control

    7. Traffic info, weather info, selectable types of info. It should read this to you when you begin driving or when you select it.

    8. Speedcam info with warnings when approaching.

    9. Auto update when new version of Frodoplayer is available.

    10. Port to Mac. *SORRY! SORRY! Had a brain freeze there for a minute*

    11. Record XM to disk. Ability to do this for some specified period of time even after car is shut down. Auto create playlist from recordings so you can listen to or archive them for later.

    As you can see, I don't want much. If you could whip that up over the weekend, I'd appreciate it.

    Thanks for the software you've created so far!
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