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Thread: Freedrive in Frodoplayer

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    Freedrive in Frodoplayer


    Loves Freedrive - really a great GPS system.

    When using in Frodoplayer it would be really nice to be able to have simple music controls like volumne up/down, play/pause and skip. The problem is that when using Freedrive in full screen mode I have to exit freedrive to control the music. A simple solution could be to have a "minimize" function in Freedrive.

    I really hope theese features can be put into a release - it would really improve the usability together with FrodoPlayer.



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    Please take the time to for these things. And to maybe dig through a bit of the FreeDrive forum. There has been a wrapper made to embed FD into Frodo. Plus Frodo has already said that the next version will have native support. So, I have two links for you. Please read them in THIS ORDER

    1: FAQ: Why do people keep telling me to SEARCH?

    2: Can FreeDrive be embedded into FrodoPlayer?

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    Maybe because this forum is so damn well organised and moderated!!

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