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Thread: Order music is added to playlist

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    Order music is added to playlist

    Is there any way to select how fp puts the selected music into the playlist? such as when i click on album -> Pure Trance -> it would load them in order by track number

    or when i choose artist -> As I Lay Dying -> it would load them by album, then by tracknumber

    is this possible?
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    I want to do this also. I have my music organized by artist - album - track name, in folders. I prefer to browse this using the Artist mode, but then I can't select sub-albums; I get all songs by that artist, listed alphabetically (i.e., all tracks 01, then all 02, etc.). I can list by Album, but then I have ten times as many entries in that list, and I have to remember album names. The only other view that might work is by Folder, but those seem to require a double-click to browse, which is a pain using the touch screen.

    Any other solutions to this problem?

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