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Thread: FF jumps to next file :(

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    FF jumps to next file :(

    I'm sure there's a setting somewhere for this but I cant figure out how to get the FF and RW buttons to just jump 30 seconds rather than jump to the next file. They do the exact same things as the jump to begining, jump to end buttons.

    I'm using BrightLife2 if that makes a difference.

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    You can turn off the setting for FF & RW to be the same as next / previous, but then you would have to rework the skin to add those.

    If you just hold them down, instead of just clicking them, they will ff & rw.
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    <humbly asked> How? </humbly asked>

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    actually ive been kind of wondering this myself. Never said anything because i just thought it was a known bug or something. But ive never been able to FF/RR with any skin, even the ones I made. Shed some light

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    I can FF and RR fine with my mod of frigor skin but the downside is that you don't listen to the song when you doing it (like with cd players).
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