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Thread: Wifi, windows XP, frodoplayer

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    Wifi, windows XP, frodoplayer

    Sorry for the weird topic, it's complicated! Here's the short story: My Lilliput is currently out of commission, but my computer is working fine in the car. Problem is, I'm stuck listening to the same music. Before I installed it in the car, I configured the PC to connect to my home wireless network, and I enabled remote administration. If I pop in my wifi card and boot up the PC, could I then connect using remote desktop and CHANGE THE FREAKING MUSIC, from a PC in the house or something?

    The only thing I'm not really sure of is, in Win2K, remote desktop created a new user session each time you logged in, so you wouldn't be able to access another session's apps. But I seem to recall that XP works differently. I have XP Pro installed, not XP Home. Any thoughts on this? I'm getting desperate!!

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    Are you running XP? If so, try running mstsc /console and then connect. This will attempt to connect to the desktop session.

    If that doesn't work, you could try installing VNC ( and starting it as a service. You could do the setup from a Terminal Session, then once VNC is up and running it would allow you to connect to the desktop...

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    Actually I ended up testing this out, and I didn't have to do anything unusual. Just a standard rdesktop connection (from my Mac) dropped me into the session with Frodoplayer running, and I was able to change songs. For now this'll do until I get my screen fixed.

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