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Thread: Full digital dash app

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    Full digital dash app

    Ok this is more of a hardware than a software project but my reason for posting here is I want to write software to fit my prototype hardware, and I want the software to work with FP, so here are my questions....

    1) If I use vb4 / 5 or 6 to write an app that displays vehicle speed and engine diags etc, can it embed in FP, would I have to do anything special to the code to allow it to embed? (I have noticed window title seems to play a art, so between version I would never change that)

    2) Not really a question asI can guess the answer, is it worth making it skinnable!

    3) Could FP be set up so when it loaded it went into the app as defaultwithout having to press anything ?

    4) can it return to it after a delay of no touch screen / keyb / mouse etc like a screen saver?

    I have looked at all the threads I could find and everyone has 'wished' for speed/tach displays etc but too many hardware variations of cars exist, IE some have odb some dont some have a tach pulse some dont

    This made me decide the only way was a DIY universal pic based hardware kit, a board with all the inputs and one serial out for the collected data.

    I want this for my car, I will do it, and if it works on mine it should work for everyone as my engine has nothing electronic to connect to for data, its nearly communist block technology! (standard 4 stroke mechanical pumped diesel)

    I will be starting the hardware build next monday with simple speed / tach and then adding temp / pressure etc (other thread)

    So, can this work in FP or will it have to be totally standalone ?

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    donnow if u really wanna answers... but...

    2) Skinnable is better.

    3) Yes.
    4) I think no. If u write an app, why don't u do it able to pop up like screen saver and return bg (or minimized) wen activity is detected? (just an idea)

    Good luck! I'd love to use it, but my '95 BMW don't have ODB...
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    I think screen save route is probably best willhave to see.

    ODB, old dogs bollo$%$ ?

    Sorry I dont do that stuff. neither does my car. neither will my software. one task, one sensor, simple life.

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    Take a look at the LM2917. It's a pulse counter often used as a tach. There's even a basic schematic in the datasheet for such an application.

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