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Thread: Start/Stay on Menu?

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    Start/Stay on Menu?

    Hi everyone-
    I just started working with FP and I've figured out howto get it to start on the main menu, but after a few seconds it will jump to the music screen. Any ideas on howto make it not do this? I'de like to have it just stay at the menu screen. Thanks alot in advance!


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    Well That is the default option for frodo:
    (KEEPMENUOPENUNTILCLICKED=FALSE) in the .ni file.... there is a way to make stay in the main menu (KEEPMENUOPENUNTILCLICKED=TRUE) but I'm not aware of a way to make just open in the music menu and stay.

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    Thanks for the point in the right direction. I should clarify. I want it to stay on the main menu at startup. As it goes now, it will show it and then jump to the music screen. I want it to stay where it is, untill i direct it to go somewhere else.


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    He gave you the answer.
    If you have it start on the main menu...and it stays up until clicked...

    You can also have it return to the menu after exiting a fp function.
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