Hey all,

Just wondering if there was any way to change the FM Radio input SOURCE via the ini file/on the fly.

The reason I ask:
I have a soundcard that for whatever reason WONT mute the "Line In", so when im listening to MP3's or when I change from FMradio back to music it still plays radio in the back ground.

BUT, If I switch the SOURCE from "LINE IN" to "MIC" there is silence (its a high end card - its DEADLY silent).

[I dont know why.. but pressing mute on the windows mixer DOESNT mute the soundcards own control panel mixer ... the volume controls work. but not mute - I think its a bug, a VERY ANNOYING ONE]

So what I wanted to do was make the MIC the source while i was playing mp3s, and have it change to the LINE-IN when I turned on the radio. (and then have it revert back, when i quit the radio).

Either that, or have the LINE-IN volume go straight to 0 when the radio is turned off (that also gives me silence)

Thanks in advance for your help