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Thread: Feature Request

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    Feature Request

    I spent many, many hours recently working on a skin and as I've been coding in all the coordinates for my buttons I've come to a problem...

    I had assumed when creating my jpegs that I could but any button from the menu on the main screen as well...apparently that was incorrect and that is only possible for the GPS button

    I had wanted to put some of the more frequently used functions on the mainscreen...specifically DVD and Playlist Builder

    So my can this functionality be added? Don't want to be too much trouble if it's a huge deal, but i figured it couldn't hurt to ask. Guess next time I should research first then design

    Thanks, Cacophony

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    rumour is that it will have all the controls on every screen in frodoplayer 2...

    but you know how rumours are...
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    Would have been one of my requests as well.

    Controls that can be puton each screen.
    Some kind of toolbox filled with ready-made classes, for which you can set some specific parameters and properties and can be implemented by each screen.
    I know, easier said than done...

    Anyway, whether the option is included or not with the next release, I am sure Frodo will amaze us once again.

    Another small remark: the slider for the song's trackbar is also used for the playlist. Not always that convient... But I have no doubt that one will be covered in the next release.

    Maybe it would be best not to bother Frodo, we want a finished frontend before he goes from programming and looking into request...
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    Yeah that sounds good. It would also be cool if it has a option in the settings:
    Make Frodoplayer the default shell

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