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Thread: video subdirectories?

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    video subdirectories?

    Let me start by saying that Frodo player looks like the perfect fit for me. It is the 6th piece of software I have tested and I will be using it for sure. Only one little thing I would love to have. I would like to keep movies and music videos on my CarPC, but in seperate listings. Instead of havign them all tossed into the videos listing. any way to do this?

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    there is no way to do this as of yet...
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    my work around is this:

    since i don't update my movies very often, initially i set the videos directory to where my movies a located, then i make a play list with all the movies in it.

    after that i go back and set the video dir to where my music video's are. so at least i can just click on my movies play list and select a movie from there.

    i guess that will be annoying if you update your movies on a regular basis. but thats my "trick" lol

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