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Thread: Just installed - Xenarc 700IDT + Mazda6 + FrodoPlayer

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    Exclamation Just installed - Xenarc 700IDT + Mazda6 + FrodoPlayer

    Hey guys, I just installed a 700IDT monitor from Xenarc into my Mazda 6.

    The LCD is pretty long, so I couldn't install it into the upper pocket without cutting into the dash and air conditioning ducting.

    FrodoPlayer works beautifully on this thing.

    I'd like to find a skin like Metallic that leaves more room to show filenames. As you can see from the pictures, names get cutoff.

    Links to the high res versions (> 1mb):

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    So make your own skin that displays what you want int eh manner you want.

    And quit double-posting.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarquePervert
    So make your own skin that displays what you want int eh manner you want.

    And quit double-posting.

    You do have a lot of times on your hands.

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    There is only one skin that is ready to go that have tons of space to display filenames:


    All you nned to do is increase font size cus is quite small.

    RexBruMet Skin for FrodoPlayer

    Nissan Aux-in MOD

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