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Thread: FP doing something every 3 minutes?

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    FP doing something every 3 minutes?

    In my setup.... MP3 Playback studders/skips/blips every 3 minutes... On The Dot.. This occurred in both FP 1.09 and 1.10. I've been attempting to profile the problem with PerfMon. It looks as though FP takes a sharp/fast CPU spike every 3 minutes (it is exactly 3 minutes.)

    Is there some kind of setting I am missing? Some kind of FP "cron" that occurs every 3 minutes (DB check or something)? Any ideas...?

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    my first guess would be that you have wireless enabled and it's searching for a network every 3 minutes - try disabling it if that is the case

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    yes thats what it is, It was doing that to me and i disabled the wireless card which was linksys and it works fine with no skipping now

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    great - glad it worked

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