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Thread: Need help editing the XM skin

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    Need help editing the XM skin

    How do I go about changing the color of the alternating lines under the channel listing? I'm tweaking the background images and would like to get the line color to match.
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    Do you mean the color of the fonts?? be a little more specific or make a shot of the stuff you want to change.

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    I would like to change the burnt orange/brown lines to a gray in the station listing window. This photo should help identify the area I'm talking about.

    Also any idea how to make the clock work? Alot of time it'll read something like 206:24 etc. Is it suppose to get the time off the PC or is this something that XM sends?

    I think I figured out what I need to change in order to change the playlist line color but I need help on deciphering the color number? In the skin.ini below it's the color_2, how do you figure out the color number of what you want to use?

    Okay I'm getting close to figuring it out. The numbers are long integer so I just need to figure out how to convert rgb to long to google I go....

    SUCESS! Skin settings use the eclipse palette program yea!
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    the "clock" is a song timer.. it comes from XM.. and it is not very accurate
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