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Thread: crazy playlist

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    crazy playlist

    my playlist has been actin weird lately... when i put media into my folder, it usually goes where its sposed to in the playlist (artist - title). however, sometimes some of the music doesnt go where its sposed to and it ends up inbetween two artists whose names begin with o (see picture). i know that the files in the picture that are messed are mpegs, but that shouldnt make a difference as it happens with mp3s as well. ive tried sortin by filename and everything and it just doesnt want to cooperate. suggestions?

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    How well edited are the tags in those files? cus I had the same prob and even going in to file properties and seen that the tags were right, the files keep showing something else.My fix was using a tag editor for those trouble files and then it all work the wayt it was supoused to be.

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    my tags are precise. i mean they are exxtreeeemely accurate. i have no idea why its doing this. it just really isnt making sense

    EDIT: fixed

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