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Thread: FrodoPlayer + mp3 ratings + IGuidance v3

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    Lightbulb FrodoPlayer + mp3 ratings + IGuidance v3

    Hey guys. One of the cool things about the iPod is that you can flag a song as having 1-5 stars. Then you can create a Smart Playlist that plays songs based on multiple criteria, but, I can have it play ones with >3 stars, with more frequency based on the 5 stars. Is this possible in FP?

    I'd like to have the ability to have 5 buttons in the GUI corresponding to the 5 stars you can give a song. So that if you like the song while driving, you can instantly classify it. Then I'd like to be able to play songs based on >x number of stars.

    I use FP in my Carputer of course, but I also have it replicating with my main computer in the house via Wifi. Would there be a way to have WinAmp also use these ratings for its playback?

    I haven't seen any way to store ratings in the ID3 tags other than using a proprietary format in the comments tags. If this is the case, then I'd rather it also work with iTunes since I use that for my iPod. Nirvana would be getting the iPod, Winamp, and FrodoPlayer somewhat in sync.

    Lastly, the new iGuidance is almost out!

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    I believe (and i might be wrong) that you add a playlist file to frodoplayer.. and it will then play your songs.. so basically.. you create the playlist based on ratings in mediaplayer.. and then in frodoplayer you tell it to look for playlist files as well as mp3's etc.. and you just play the playlist.. that i THINK will work..

    but then again.. I have had 9 beers
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