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Thread: Fujitsu U810 w/StreetDeck and GPS Cradle

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    Fujitsu U810 w/StreetDeck and GPS Cradle


    I have this current set-up shown in this short video
    At the moment, I am having issues with having my navigation working. I put Windows 7 on the U810 and when I put it into the GPS cradle, it went through a plug and play detection. I'm not sure if I need additional software installed for the GPS cradle, but when I put in streetdeck to use my GPS, I recieve a "No signal from GPS". I just wanted to note if anyone here has had this set-up type as shown in the video and knows what settings may need to get changed to get it working.


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    Nevermind, I figured it out. I need to put the following in the short-cut of the executable.

    "C:\Program Files\StreetDeck\StreetDeck.exe" -GPSBaud:9600 -info

    All set.

    Thanks everyone.

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    how is the u810's visibility in direct sunlight?
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