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Thread: Few Questions and a background for a skin

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    sorry, exude my vaugeness.
    i have the font registerd in windows, and the font comes up in the skin designer, then i save the skin file and open it with the control center, then everything loads ok, but the font reverts back to arial. i checked the .skin file and in the code it says the proper font that i want to use, yet it refuses to display. the weird thing is it displays some other fonts, its kinda hit or miss with the fonts, oh also, when im in the editor program and i click "Analog inputs>Edit Analog input" then click on an input, i can change it around, then i click "add new analog input" on the bottom, because for some reson it doesnt say "Save" and i end up with another analog input, so instead of editing it it just creates another one with the updated info.

    a am a beta tester for microsoft, so i will be giving you complete reprts when i actually get my fusion brain.

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    I've seen strange things with the fonts, usually the size changing, when saving with the screen designer. I haven't really cared that much, since I just go into the skin file and do a search & replace.

    I haven't tried the latest version though. Hopefully I'll get to that early next week.

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