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Thread: EGT Sensor

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    Lightbulb EGT Sensor

    I am looking to use a FusionBrain instead of a few analogue guages on the dash. One thing that I have been looking into is using a K Type thermocouple to monitor the EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature)
    I have been investigating the use of an Analog Devices AD595 chip to interface the thermocouple with the fusion brain and I believe that it will be quite achievable.

    The K Type thermocouple is rated from -85 to +2000 degrees celcius so will monitor all engines quite happily.

    Has anyone else tried this or is willing to help develop a solution??
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    I would be, if I could right now. If nothing comes of this I'll look in to it around May when I have access to my car and such =]
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    that'd work great, the AD595

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