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Thread: Beginning of an Automatic Climate Control System, all juiced up on Fusion

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    Life has me going down a different road, and the car I'm traveling down this road on does not require a car computer. This hobby is fun and I'm a little sad to give it up (for now), but that which I'm gaining by giving it up is much more fulfilling for me. I've got the project box with 2 brains the DAC setup and a 2006 Nissan climate control head, if someone wants to pick it up... I may even be able to dig up all of the detailed schematics and PCB drawings (which I used to hand wire a DIY protoboard).

    I have the climate control engineering book which I paid a bunch for, and some other related books if someone wants to contact me about them.

    I still have the vacuum manifold and everything else related to the project at this time, so on the off chance that there's anything you want, let me know.

    If someone has specific questions about the project, I'll keep an eye open and try to remember and try to answer, but I'm done with this project. Looks like I'll be turning the knobs by hand after all

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    Very sorry to here that. I was hoping to sponge off your work once it was finished for my car.

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    Hi, i am a EE at the University of Akron and if you guys need any help let me know...
    I was thinking that I was going to digitize my HVAC too and it uses a Resistor network on the ground side of the motor. Buy using 5 relays i can control the motor like i could withe the manual knob. The "direction" control was going to be with bank of relays too. The temp and outside/inside are mixture are cable and I was going to use servos. I think you guys need to use Arduinos... $17 MP and dev. board (supports PWM and digital on all outputs and analog outputs on 5 pins) and you can program them to do what ever you want. You then can also speak with the MP and control it "serially" with ANY app you what.....Thats what I am going to use....

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