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Thread: Broken Brain

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    Broken Brain

    I think I broke my Brain tonight. It is no longer detected when I connect it to a PC. I had earlier unplugged the power and then when I went to plug it back in I must have touched the barrel connector to somewhere on the board because the light went on for a split second. Since then it was not detected when the usb is plugged in. The blue light still comes on though when the power is plugged in.

    any advice as to what to do (hopefully other than replace it since I need a working one by thursday and the store seems to be out of them.)

    Edit: Seems like mostly everything is fine but I guess the PIC and the ULN2003AG's I can't really test. Wonder if its possible to just get replacements of those if the entire unit is unavailable.

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    We overnighted this customer a new Brain and new PIC. As it turns out, the PIC was damaged at some point.

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    Damn, that's what I call customer service.
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    Completely forgot about this post.
    I would have to say very good customer service. Convenient as hell to return the extra Brain and my old PIC too.

    Thanks again Nick and Tim

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