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Thread: Few pics of my fusion brain board

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    Quote Originally Posted by greenman100 View Post
    DB25s are only good for like 2 amps per pin, be careful
    Right but I cant see any reason for this to be an issue, as far as I can see the highest rating on the brain is 400MA. the only part that I might have a problem with is the 2 built in relays. I had originally intended to bring power and ground in for the relays, use one as a "keep alive" circuit for my M2-ATX and the other to power my inverter for my printer/scanner. well since then I found out that hp drivers for the MFP printer I have been using wont install on via processor machine, so I bought a new Brother monochrome laser and separate scanner, the scanner is neat because it draws its power straight off the USB bus so its no problem, but the laser is going to need 300+ watts so I needed a new inverter with direct battery hookups so I am not going to use the relay set up for that anyway. If in the future I want to use this second relay I can always double/triple up on the feeds through the DB-25. the other relay is just sending the 12V sense to the M2 ATX so it doesn't shut down when I kill the engine, I don't believe there is actually any current flow on this line.

    In the beginning this was only supposed to be for the 2 relays and the board, but after getting the thing I decided it would be too much of a waste to not at least have access to the rest of the brain functions. If I had it to do over I probably wouldn't have bothered with the relays at all and just mounted the DB-25's in the one end, but the 110v outlets needed to go bye bye and it seemed like the logical solution at the time to replace them with relay sockets.

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    True. I posted it more for people that may read this later on and get the bright idea to run their window motors through a DB25 connector

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimp View Post
    the laser is going to need 300+ watts so I needed a new inverter with direct battery hookups so I am not going to use the relay set up for that anyway.
    Don't know if you have the printer running successfully on the inverter or not yet, but cheaper (most that I've seen in electronic stores) inverters typically have a floating ground. In my experience, that meant that if I powered my computer from an inverter and then connected anything (audio cables, USB, etc.) that was powered from the car's 12V DC, there was a 20V AC "leak" from the inverter through the connected equipment and into the car's electrical system. I first noticed this because I kept getting a tingling sensation through my metal gearshift whenever the computer was on and connected to my audio system.

    So, if you're planning to power the printer with the inverter, and then connect it via usb to M2 powered computer, be careful! Also, I'm willing to bet that printer requires more than 300 watts on warm up, so you might want to measure the current at startup and while the printer is actually printing.

    Good luck...I'll be interested to see the results...I've always thought a printer in the car would be pretty damn handy.

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    I haven't gotten around to wiring the inverter to the battery yet (to lazy lately to get out of the A/C and do it !!), But I did have my MFP inkjet/scanner in the car for about 6 months. I was using my laptop in a docking station and running both off a 200 watt inverter. I would still be using the inkjet except that I built a via C7 rig for the car so I could quit hauling the laptop back and forth, HP doesn't think a C7 processor is good enough to run their software (wont let me load drivers), so I got the laser printer. The inverter I have now peaks at 800 and the printers peak is 480 so I should be ok.
    For me a printer is not only handy but can be a necessity if I forget, loose or spill coffee on paper work while out on a job!

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