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Thread: Digital vs analong inputs and outputs.

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    Digital vs analong inputs and outputs.

    I intend to purchase a Fusion Brain to serve a variety of planned needs for my carputer. Among those are:

    HVAC control (at this time, I have no plans to make it automatic)
    digital gauges
    gamma control (auto-dim on sunset, etc)
    input from buttons to control mp3 player

    The digital gauges are my biggest concern. I understand this is on the input side, but will it be analog or digital?

    The HVAC will be on the output side, but will it require a separate board for any reason?

    Gamma control is input, but again, analog or digital?

    The input from buttons will be from a separate control panel I intend to make for controlling the mp3 and cd player independent of the touch screen. I want to design buttons which have functions of a standard CD player faceplate, such as play, pause, fast forward, etc. Digital or analog?

    I guess the big question is what is the difference between digital and analog?
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    digital is on/off.... like switches.

    analog is a value... like light, temperature...

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    oh and you can run inputs and outputs through the same board

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