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Thread: Help with resistive button UberMDX configuration

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    It's just a simple resistor/voltage divider circuit that I made to drive the steering wheel buttons. The stock button controller board used some really complicated method that wasn't resistive. There was some extra capacitance coming from the stock board. I disconnected the buttons from the stock board and they work predictably now.

    Anyone have an idea how to control the master volume? I can pass the volume control to Winamp, which can set the wave volume, but it can't do anything about the master. Autohotkey can be set up rather easily to control the master volume, but it doesn't seem to be able to be triggered from FB's key inputs.

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    [QUOTE=2k1Toaster;1204830]Currently only 1 button at a time.

    Can you run programs from fusion brain? Something like button press -->/path/something.bat

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