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Thread: DACs and analog inputs

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    Also revision 2 looks a lot neater
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    Unfortunately I couldn't export anything with the software I built it with Express PCB (PCB123 is pretty much the same, but much fancier and less intuitive). That software was built so that you could send off the file to them and only them to have it built. It said you could export to .dxf but it was only one of the needed images (mask). So I built it again with more flexible software that can export like 8 different formats. I got it to less than 3x3" but now it's not as pretty. Autorouters are neat! 3x3 seems to be a good size for some of the manufacturers out there, to get a low cost prototype done.

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    I sent off the files to get made, I have one setup on a protoboard now, and it works good, I have to finish the software part now. The PCB design is done, but I haven't recieved it yet.

    Output is 0 - 4.2V. Intended for a one-button-at-a-time application.

    But then I saw this in the tech manual for my car.

    It kind of looks familiar, doesn't it? It may just be using the same type of keypad encoder that I'm using. The operation description is kind of similar too:
    Operation description
    BCM activates transistors of output terminals (OUTPUT 1-5) periodically and allows current to flow in
    If any (1 or more) of the switches are turned ON, circuit of output terminals (OUTPUT 1-5) and input terminals
    (INPUT 1-5) becomes active.
    At this time, transistors of output terminals (OUTPUT 1-5) are activated to allow current to flow. When
    voltage of input terminals (INPUT 1-5) corresponding to that switch changes, interface in BCM detects
    voltage change and BCM determines that switch is ON.
    But if it were limited to 1 button at a time operation, then that would mean I can't turn on my blinkers if my window wipers were on, which is not true.

    Well it's similar, and it gets to utilize the output data without needing to convert it to a single analog signal.

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