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Thread: Home Automation FB project....

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    Home Automation FB project....

    Hi all, dont' know if this belongs here but I'll try...
    Well, being very active on this site with my car computer and coming across the Fusion Brain and its popularity, I'm wondering if I can apply it to control my espresso machine. Pretty much, the machine has one on/off switch that controls the boiler and another on/off switch that controls the brewing or extracting of coffee. The overall goal of the project is to set the espresso machine on a timer (via software on the PC) and then have it make a cup of espresso in the morning ready for me to pickup before work. Future ideas are having it work via the internet. I'm pretty sure I'll be able to implement the on/off simulation of the switches with the FB but how about the timer portion of the project? If not, is there a way to interface the FB with say a Visual Basic program or some other programming language? Thanks!

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    Take a look at the FB homepage and you'll see that is one of the things it is used for.

    You can certainly write your own code. Just look at the documentation for the FB low-level interface. It explains the datastream.


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    Yes it will work.

    If you want to write your own software, then you are welcome to use the DLL we provide. There are examples around here written in VB and then the low level interface document will explain how it works in more detail if you want to know.
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    To elaborate, you'd just need the Fusion Brain, and two relays. The rest is done on the PC, via the Configurator software.

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