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Thread: Got my Brain and RRFusion is great!

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    Got my Brain and RRFusion is great!

    To all,
    I have been waiting on my FB to get here and it arrived yesterday but I was gone all day out at the body shop putting in wrench time on my project car.

    I got up this morning and started digging in. After looking all over the house for a power supply for the FB (lol it would figure I did not have an extra just laying around.)

    I was able to get my FB online in minutes and even a had to load the USB drivers. GizmoQ has had help me with a skin of mine to show me how to make it work using the RRF plug in. I must say that watching them little LED's come on and off was great!!!

    I have a question?

    On the web I can setup images to stay in an active look and they can have a rollover and an off as well? Is it possible to have RR do that? I have made these rocker switches and I would like the ablility to click it on and have it show the one image and then on and click it off and it show the off image.

    If not I'm sure a function could be written in RR or RRF to allow this.

    Can someone let me know if this is possible.

    Other than that I'm enjoying my FB and this application is really coming together and yes it looks like my demo will be a great success...

    Thanks to everyone that has help me get up to speed...

    GizmoQ thanks so much for help and explaining things on a level that I could understand.

    Forums are great once you have it in your head right but until you can figure it out they can be confusing.

    I'm looking forward to getting more FB and making my Show Car a great success and helping others figure this stuff out.

    Thanks, Let me know about my question.....

    I got to get back at it....

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    Glad I could help. Let me know how it goes with the flash stuff.
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    Taking your advise GizmoQ and I'm creating a base background and going to work up from there. The files will be smaller and will load quicker it appears.

    I have to play in a poker Tournament this afternoon and then I shall get back after that.

    I'm sure I will have questions after I really get into the all of it.

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