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Thread: MDX - Generalized idea of how it works

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    MDX - Generalized idea of how it works

    Below is part of an email I sent to a customer. It helps explain somewhat the interaction between parts of MDX. Hopefully this will make it clearer what actually goes on in the software, which in turn means it is easier for you to configure.

    If you have a way to explain what goes on in your own perspective, please post, it may help someone who think more like you rather than like me.

    ================================================== ===

    To do most things with the software, you will need a logical layer that does all the under-the-hood work, and then a graphical interface that just shows results from the logic layer. You can have lots of logic and no graphics, or lots of logic and 1 button, or a button or display for everything, or multiple buttons or display objects for a single logic layer or anything of the sort.

    Things like actual Fusion Brain instances, IO channels, Variables, Functions, If/Then Statements, Switch Statements, and other similar objects are all logic layer items. Things like Buttons, Multi-Images, Static Images, Background Images, Text Labels, Fonts, and other similar objects are all graphic layer items.
    So to make a button turn on an output, you will need a graphical object that interacts with the IO channel in the logic layer. So the basic steps would be to (i) create a Fusion Brain instance and then (ii) create a digital output instance. That would complete the logic layer. Then for the graphical layer, you would need to (iii) insert a graphic page and then (iv) create a display button.

    Votes control the interaction between the logic and other layers such as graphics or external COM interaction.

    A Display button has 2 vote sections. 1 vote gets fired when the button is first pressed (the down click vote), and the other gets fired when the button is released (the up-click vote).

    So with the display button created in "iv", change the vote option to do something. Since we are turning on a Digital Output instance created in "ii", the vote should be to trigger a digital output. Now what do you want to trigger? Do you want it to turn it on, turn it off, or toggle it? All are options that now appear. You just have to select one. Usually for a regular on/off toggle button, make the downclick vote toggle the output, and leave the upclick blank. So every click it toggles the state of the output. If you want a momentary button, then make the downclick turn-on, while the upclick turn-off.

    Then give the Display Button all the required graphical properties such as the size, location, images, and other such things.

    Notice how the Digital Output instance has no change for however you vote for it from the Display Button. You can use the same vote strategy for other items like remote control, or external COM.

    Also note that the Display button's graphical options like size/images/location have no effect on what the button does. You can change the vote of that button to send an email, or play a sound, or change a variable, or send a keystroke, or lots more all by changing the vote property.

    So now you have a Fusion Brain instance, a Digital Output instance, a Graphical Page, and a Display Button where the button will change the state of a Digital Output. All of this can be done in less than a minute with the configurator.

    To do other things, use a different vote option. To display other things, use different graphical objects. To evaluate different things, add something to the logic section.
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    You oughta stick this in the tutorials forum...


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