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Thread: Skin Programming

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    ok a few things good and bad...

    Correction from the post above... the program would open but when the voltage dropped nothing happened.

    Good news is that I figured it out. My first issue was that since I was only testing it I didn't put in the second code to set the variable back to 0 after it paused the music. So I found what was happening even though there was voltage going to the input there must be a slit second that the software sees it at zero so it would run that command and set the variable to 1 so then when i went to trigger it, it did nothing. Once I put that second code in to set it back to 0 it would work properly when the voltage dropped. Then a problem I ran into was when the Fusion would first start up and the software still saw that split second of no voltage it would pause the music every time even if Roadrunner was resuming play. To fix that I set the variable to start as 1 so that it wouldnt runt he pause command.

    So it looks like this now
    IF var=0 and input < 3 Then Pause and change var to 1
    IF var=1 and input > 3 change var to 0

    so when the software start var=1 but for a split sec input=0 so it doesnt do anything then once the voltage responds in the software to over 3 it kicks the var back to 0 allowing the pause command to execute upon the next voltage loss.

    Now another issue I'm having (and had it before i did all this too) is that often MDX won't close. If i exit roadrunner it stays open and if i right click on the tray icon and choose close it won't close.

    Also after it does close i have to open and close it a bunch of times to get it to function at all. like none of the buttons work doesnt see anything in inputs. Maybe a driver issue? I have the latest ones but an older board.

    And recently ive notice whether its work or its not when its open it uses 92%-99% of my processor power... Any ideas?

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    While reading through the Fusion forums trying to figure out what could be causing these problems that of it seeming to not see the brain and weird things happening I came across
    Quote Originally Posted by 2k1Toaster View Post
    We have a known problem (with no known solution) with non Intel 82801 controllers and I have no idea why. The only computers I can get my hands on and the same with Tim all use the 82801 and work fine. All the computers at our universities and all of our personal computers use this chipset so it must be very popular and it works fine.
    I was running a Intel D201GLY2A board which this thread was discussing, and that lead me to think it was an issue with the USB controller. Of course I used this as part of my excuse to upgrade and I went with the Intel DG45FC board with a core2duo processor. That board has the controller that yous say works well with the brain.

    Sure enough I got it in, did a fresh install of XP and loaded up all the Fusion and RoadRunner stuff just as I had it on the other system and it seems to work flawlessly. No more high CPU usage.. runs only a few percent at times.. no having nothing work when the program starts and it closes every time I tell it to also. So far looks good.

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