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Thread: Fusion Brain V4 First Impression

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    Anywhere near to releasing? I'm itchin to get my hands on of of these

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    Quote Originally Posted by bratnetwork View Post
    Anywhere near to releasing? I'm itchin to get my hands on of of these
    They're getting finished over in china, should be about a week.

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    It works great. I had to put testing on hold for a week. I am getting the dash ready for the truck. But I have found no problems with it that would point to a firmware problem. All inputs and outputs do what I want them to. I really like the size. I have put it in the truck just sitting on the seat and did not see any problems in a noisy environment. Oil pressure and water temp work great. The tach seems to have no problems. I am going to order some boards for the frequency to voltage converter. I just hope china does a good job on them. More to come.

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