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Thread: GPS based suspension adjustment

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    GPS based suspension adjustment

    Has anyone looked into this?
    I've got adjustable dampers that could be easily fitted with some type of stepper motor for adjustment using a Fusion Brain. I should be able to figure that one out on my own.
    The question is, how hard would this be to adjust based on GPS position?
    I know there is a Roadrunner plugin that may be able to be modified for this (GPS position trigger by Thunderstick).
    I'll post up in that thread as well.
    I just think this would be a nice enhancement to the heap.

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    Accelerometers would be better than GPS, since they could react faster. For instance, they could sense a turn and cause your steppers to stiffen the suspension on the side opposite.

    The GPS could however provide speed data to fine tune the stepper response, i.e. at faster speeds you would want a stiffer setting than at slower speed.

    I've been considering this same idea for a while. I plan to use Phidgets - there are stepper motor controllers and accelerometers, with an API for interfacing with the PC. The only thing I need now is the adjustable struts.

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    Damn. If I drove something European or Japanese I may be worried about potholes. Luckily I purchased an Australian car. lol
    I doubt the accelerometers would would help me either. I'm not worried about speed of adjustment.
    I was thinking more along the lines of waypoints to trigger settings.
    As much as I'd like to have a ZR1 with the magneto rheological supension goodies, I'm stuck here in reality.

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    If you are looking at adjustable Struts/shocks, have a look at the Rancho RS9000 which has an in cab wireles controller option to select from 9 different settings. More for 4WD use, but it might get you going. It uses a compressor plumbed to the shock. I have a set of compatible Tough Dog adjustable shocks but am afraid that the in cab adjustment is a long way down the list for me.
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