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Thread: Questions about connections...

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    Questions about connections...

    I'm in the process of finally hooking up my Fusion Brain. I have the v3. I have tried searching the forums and I'm sure its out there somewhere but I can't seem to find them.

    Here is my 2 questions...

    Looking at the v3 board with the USB port facing to the left, which way does the pins for the digital outs go. is it 0 - 11 or 11 - 0?

    2nd question... When connecting the relays to the board, does the positive (red) wire go on the inside pins or the outside?

    Once I have these questions, I can finally get this hooked up without worrying if I have it hooked up right or now.


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    The relay doesnt matter for polarity since it just drives a coil.

    Ports vs. pins:
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2k1Toaster View Post
    The relay doesnt matter for polarity since it just drives a coil.

    Ports vs. pins:
    ok, so it doesn't matter which way the relay wires go on the board. thats easy enough.

    For my other question, I saw that diagram already about the ports and pins, but doesn't really answer my question. I would like to know which side does port 0 start with or which port starts closes to the USB port.

    Hopefully I explained the question a little better.


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    just plugged in my v3 - The LED for DO-0 is the furthest from the USB connector (DO-11 closest to USB/power connector). As for which pin corresponds to DO-0, you will have to test. Mine didn't match the conversion table listed (0=7, 1=4). Silly Chinese

    A multimeter will tell you all this much faster than waiting 3 days for somebody to respond

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