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Thread: 64bit Driver Questions

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    64bit Driver Questions

    1) Is there one yet?
    2) Do I need it if I'm using a custom app (CF3 Plugin) instead of MDX?

    I'm running Win7 64bit, on my development machine.


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    1) Yes, but not public. I can send it to you, but it is not finalized yet, nor is it documented.

    2) Yes. The app communicates with this DLL, which communicates to the WinUSB dll, which communicates to the Fusion Brain.

    I am running Win7 x64 on the main Fusion Control Centre developement machine (this one) as well.
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    If you need a tester, I'm getting ready to re-start a project & would like to use my x64 laptop for most of the code (VB)

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