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Thread: Launching an application based on 12V ACC status?

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    Launching an application based on 12V ACC status?

    I have my M2-ATX set to keep the pc on for 5 minutes before it shutsdown. I have written a couple Auto-It scripts to pause my music and black out the screen and re-verse for startup. I dont like the idea of walking away from my car with a bright *** screen blazing at night. Just begging for someone to break into it. Im looking for options on how to call an application based on the status of my ignition. Ignition off call shutdown script. Ignition on call start up script. Can I achieve this with the Fusion Brain? What I have read so far is for controlling physical things in your car, not executing software commands.

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    Nevermind i found a thread about running external apps using the execute command fuction and it opens the cmd window. Is there any way to do it in the background so the cmd window isnt shown visually?

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    The short way around would be to just pick a vehicle wire that behaves the way you want and connect the monitor directly to it.(Ignition maybe?) If you have the monitor running through the P/S right now and are adamant about keeping it there then maybe the amp trigger wire might do what you want (relay it of course). I can't suggest specifically on this P/S as I don't use an M2.
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    I have my screen power triggered by the ACC wire.

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    I thought the screen has to have regulated power? Do you have any interference on the screen at all? I was actually thinking about the amp trigger myself. Im pretty sure that its 12v also. And it would also solve my ugly no vga screen because the 10 sec amp delay would give the computer time to post. But i still need a way to pause my music and I would have use a piece of harware like the fusion.

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