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Thread: Almera n16 pc

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    Almera n16 pc

    I would like to install a car pc in me vehicle, but i find one problem. As you can see on the pic below i already have a display (as far as i know vfd display) which shows all the data from climate control, outside temp, radio etc. I would like to remove it and put touch panel instead with car pc. The problem is how to get all those info from this display to a pc and then to a new display? i dont wan to control hvac with touch panel cause its done with a centre console which also operates radio. Any ideas, suggestions?


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    If you just want to display and not control, then that is a simple job. Each of those VFD or LCD segments has a pin. Or worst case it is a matrix. The logic would be to just check when that segment is told to go high, and then display whatever on screen what the combinations of segments light up.
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    well how to figure out if its a matrix or not? all i know from manual is that the display is connected to radio, combination meter, multi function switch and ac - auto amp and has 24 pins (if not mistaken) if its any help i can insert pics from manualName:  el1.jpg
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    thanx for any help

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