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Thread: Why Garmin Mobile PC Sucks

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    I agree, download the patch... You bought and are using it legally. Patch it, no harm in that.
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    I know what a patch is, but........

    Anybody want to lead a dog to water?

    Many thanks

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    if you don't like talking to reps, you can just reset the code via the website support email:

    "I will be glad to assist you. I have reset the product key for you. Please keep in mind this can only be reset once every six months. "

    let's see if my carpc doesn't crash by 6 months. anyway, i haven't even reinstalled my reactivated garmin since i've been addicted to the igo8 "demo".

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    Late to the game on this thread but I don't have the Garmin SW only version so the registration key doesn't apply (so I thought). I was ticked to find out that I couldn't set Garmin to use a COM port so I could split the GPS between Garmin and RideRunner. I may look for the patch if I ever sway from iGO but I basically see GMPC as a $60 reciever that I am using with competitors software. I will note I had issues using xport with their USB reciever but then found Spanner which is made by Garmin and had zero issues (using it in iGO and RR that is).

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    most software will work this way eventually... but if its done right its not a big deal. example- jrmediacenter gives you 10 installs per year on one license, every year you get a fresh set of 10 on the version of the program you bought- indefinitely. you dont 'deregister' when you uninstall you just use one of your 10. but even if you reformat 10 times in one year you can ask jrmedia and they will reset you for another 10.

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    Well as you guys know I am a heavy CF user and 3rd party developers have managed to get Garmin Mobile PC to embed into CF perfectly. I was going to go this route since the Destinator in CF will stay the same, Maps and all, and I am tired of worrying about not making my destination. I really do not like this hardware way that Garmin uses either and it makes me reconsider buying it. As you guys know, I change ideas and PC components like underwear, and I do not want to have to sit there argue on why they should reset my key, which I would have paid for. It sucks because GMPC is very feature rich. I think maybe I will wait for NAVMII, which is trying to work with Flux to become the new replacement for Destinator.
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    i know we cant discuss it here, but you have a very good reason to use a crack and just bypass their authentication system... if possible. if you have a paid-for key i dont think you need to worry about the feds coming in and taking you.

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    That is personally exactly what I did with iGuidance 4.0. I purchased the upgrade, and installed it on my desktop for testing, then on the CarPC. I changed the motherboard in the CarPC, and never "unregistered" that PC before tearing it down, and they would do nothing about it when I called them. I "patched" 4.0, and was able to reinstall it on my new CarPC. I am still using only 2 copies, as their agreement states.

    On another note, I use both in the car as Garmin is far superior for searching for say "The closest Target". Hell, I guess I cant even say its superior to that aspect of iG, as IG has absolutely no way to find the closest anything by name! One of my HUGE gripes with them! I have emailed them, shown then that ALL other GPS software has that ability with a nice chart I put together, pointed them to complain forum posts and threads based on that oversight ect ect... They said it would be in the next release... It was not in 4.0 as they said, Now iG 2009 is released, and they still have not included it.

    Ok, back to my train of thought

    I use Garmin and IG in the car. I use the Garmin bundled package with its GPS puck, as well as a BU-353 for iG. I have never had a conflict between the 2 GPS receivers, and am able to split the BU-#%# with xPort, giving me a Com port for Ride Runner, iGuidance and Garmin all at the same time.
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    In the UK you have a statutory right when purchasing, that if the item is not fit for purpose you are entitled to a full refund.

    It doesn't matter what the EULA etc says either, its a statute of UK law. So if they won't reset your key and you can't use it, they are obliged under law to provide a full refund.

    This of course doesn't negate the inconvenience, but at least you can get your money back (if your in the UK)

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    well i personally told garmin over the phone that i wont be buying any more of their products unless they change their activation process.

    i had garmin installed, then i when RRvoice came out i reformatted to fix problems. same computer, same windows key, but garmin said it was already activated on another machine.

    i called tech support and the guy was snarly. "its in the software agreement". i told him that is ridiculous, that nobody else has this type of draconian limit on installs. I asked him if they plan on changing these rules in the future, and he didnt know.

    he did reactivate my install, so its clearly easy for them to do so, but he said it wont happen again. he said next time i have to wait 6 months before i can use the software i paid for. i said thank you, and again i will pursue other brands of software.

    i guess if you really want garmin, you better buy the version with the usb puck so it never deactivates. the only problem is my usb puck is 5hz, which i really like and garmins isnt.

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